Na-na-na-na-na-na-na Bat Cave! Hpa-an, Myanmar (Burma)

So I think we found where all the bats in Burma go.  There is a cave outside the town of Hpa-an (pronounced “pa-anne”), in southern Burma.  At sunset, what must be millions of bats (we lost count pretty fast…) come out of the cave together. It takes at least ten minutes for them all to leave –  we filmed the first 3 minutes or so.  Its like something you’d see on BBC’s Planet Earth. We were waiting for David Attenborough to explain to us where they were going.


The banging noises you hear in the video are some Burmese people hitting plastic containers together, making noise to try and make the bats fly in different patterns.  With the right noise, the whole group of bats collectively “jumps” or “twitches”.

We are back in Thailand now, having crossed overland from Burma.  We are spending a few days in Chiang Mai, before heading to the border with Laos. After being in Burma for a month, Thailand feels like coming into the future.  Its amazing how different it is, given the two countries are just separated by an imaginary line.  Thailand feels like some futuristic place, with clean air and good food!

  • Doug / February 26, 2017 / Chiang Mai, Thailand at Water Well Guest House @ 11am

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