Onwards to Burma!

We are flying into Myanmar (Burma) tomorrow. Why Burma? Why indeed.

We land in the old capital of Yangon, which used to be known as Rangoon while under British control. We aren’t really sure where we are going after that.  Our visa is for 28 days, so we are hoping to explore as much of the country as possible.

We don’t know much about internet access in Burma so we aren’t expecting to be able to Skype or blog much. We have heard that getting a cell phone sim card is the best way to get somewhat passible internet so that’s the plan.

We are both excited and nervous. Burma is much more of the beaten track than Thailand. It’s the sort of place that we might not be able to easily go to if not for the length of this trip.

We will keep you updated whenever we can! Email will probably be the best bet to get ahold of us. Facebook is sometimes really slow to load.

-Doug / January 31, 2017 / Watana Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand @ 1:50 pm


5 thoughts on “Onwards to Burma!

  1. Doug, Emily — you both write so well. Your posts are funny, self-deprecating, filled with amazing stories and exciting adventures!
    Keep well.
    Love, Freda

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