Thoughts on the North… Chiang Mai, Thailand

We have come North!

Emily here, hope you all can bear with me, I’ve kicked Doug off the computer for a night.

We left our paradise on Ton Sai beach in our voyage to North Thailand, taking with us fond memories, fading sunburns, and more sand in more places than we can count.

Leaving Phra Nang bay.

A very enjoyable, although rainy 2-hour ferry ride across the Andaman sea-we voted to stay up top, as as per usual, they oversold the seats inside the boat, and I predicted nauseousness inside.

I do love ferry boats 🙂

It is very strange looking out at the views off the dock to think that I am across other side of the world looking at a completely foreign body of water than I normally associate with, and knowing that we have been here for 3 weeks now and are not going home like a normal vacation. This is not a normal vacation, for sure.

Now for Phuket. I was warned…I was still not prepared for the insanity.

Despite the signs from above, we did not eat here.

We took in Bangla street as observers, wandering with our 7-11 beers, thankfully with no pickpocket attempts, although I don’t carry a purse or anything with me anyway.

…what’s a girl without her accessories.
Bazaan Night Market
Bazaan Night market-the bottom left bucket is something local called a Mantis-a cross between a lobster without it’s claws and a massive crayfish.
A $4 fish massage-strangest 15 minutes of my life.
To cap off the night, we watched an inauguration none of us ever wanted to see from a sweet Norwegian bar. You all know what that looked like, so I will show you their ridiculously fat pug, fed on fried rice. He was too busy to look at the camera.

Now for Saturday-flight day to the North. Originally this journey was supposed to take about 3 times as long, involving an overnight bus and an overnight train….in reality saving us about $50 between the 2 of us, and costing us dearly in sleep. Thankfully for our sanity, the fact that they book up over a week ahead without us realizing it saved us from this insanity, so a 2-hour flight it was instead.

A scooter full of fuel… in a confusing package.

We landed at 930pm and arrived at The Living Place hostel in the very nick of time  at 10:01 not to be charged $300 bhat each($24 total) for a late check-in. Between that, the dreamy comfort from the bed of wood and their advertised ‘wifi on all floors’ that is an absolute lie, makes me feel ripped off slightly by this place for the price…I make up for it by running the air conditioner while we currently sit in the common room in order to write this.

Today, being our last stretch for the moment, in Chiang Mai, we struck out to see the temples of the city, along with an amazing night market that sprung up on our way back home, and ended up being an amazing and unplanned way to watch the city go by.

Wat Chedi Luang
In the Wat Chedi Luang complex.
Wat Phra Singh
Rachadamnoen Walking Market
We paused to look down on the world on a very cool city.
Along with Oreo Waffles from this place, we got a $1 street burger, cheese balls, delicious dumplings and an ice cream cube on a stick (lime flavoured).
Walking home along the canal around the old city.

That sums up our 3 days of transit, as we poise for 4 days of touring around the north…on motorcycles!

Stay tuned for what comes next.

-Emily; The Living House 3 hostel, Chiang Mai, Thailand @ 23:56















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































2 thoughts on “Thoughts on the North… Chiang Mai, Thailand

  1. My favourite way to start a Monday morning!

    Great post Emily 🙂

    You guys both look great – very “seasoned traveler chic” already!


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