Dinner at the Night Market – Krabi Town, Thailand

Thailand is full of night markets, and Krabi Town is no exception.  We have been in Krabi Town for a few days now as a stopover on our journey south.  Its city about 90 minute flight south from Bangkok, and primarily used by tourists for staging journeys to popular beach destinations nearby – Koh Phi Phi, Ao Nang, Railay Beach, to name a few.

Krabi has a food market every night in basically a parking lot along the waterfront.  You can get pretty much any sort of Thai food here for really cheap.  We just wanted to put up a few quick pictures to show off this awesome place.

BBQ meats / Satay
For dinner – BBQ chicken, mango salad, and morning-glory vegetables
Fresh fruit smoothies and shakes
They give you these sweet little carrying baggy things for the smoothies. Pretty weird.
And to top things off, a stroll along the Krabi River waterfront. It was actually cool, with a breeze coming off the river/sea. I welcomed the cool temperature. Emily said she needed a sweater.

Tomorrow we are headed to Ton Sai Beach, which is a rather hippie-like place about a 45 minute boat ride from here .  But more on that in another post – wait until you see the pics of this place, its wild.  Apparently we may only get power a few hours a day, so wh0 knows what the internet situation will be like.

-Doug / January 11, 2017 @ 10:10pm / Sleep Easy Guest House, Krabi, Thailand



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