So about that fog…

When we first booked our flight out of Toronto in January we were worried about a snow storm delaying things.  After all, its January in Toronto.  Last week when we checked the forecast were were excited to see the weather on January 3 was to be +9C and rain.  Fantastic, no delays in Toronto!

So this morning we get to the airport and try to print our boarding passes, and notice our flights are different.  Not just delayed, but different all together, changed without notice to us – apparently a result of the unusual Toronto weather.

We were expecting to go Toronto –> Cairo–> Dubai–> Bangkok.  This entire adventure was to take 30 hours (give or take), with a 6.5 hour layover in Cairo and 2.5 layover in Dubai.  But now we are going Toronto –> Cairo, 16 hour layover in Cairo (16 hours!!!!), the Cairo–> Bangkok.  Our Dubai stopover has been deleted entirely, together with our Emirates flights.  I was pretty pumped to fly on Emirates for 2 of our 3 flights, and also to perhaps get a glimpse of Dubai out the window as we landed.

Now its EgyptAir all the way, together with 16 hours in the Cairo Airport.  Let’s hope they have wifi…and lounger chairs.  We asked for vouchers or basically anything free they could give us due to the delay, but the Toronto staff didn’t offer anything up.  They did say we should be given a no-charge day-use hotel in Cairo, but who knows whether that’ll be true or not.

At least Pearson has comfy seats!

But at least Terminal 1 at Pearson has comfy seats.  I’ve been stuck here before, back in 2012 when my brother and I were delayed hours and hours on a flight to England.  Its a pretty nice terminal, so there are worse places to be trapped.  Better than La Guardia (hell on earth, in airport form).

But hey, we have nothing but time.  It may work out for the best, since we are now supposed to arrive Bangkok on Jan 5 just after noon, rather than 5am.  This should make it easier to get to our hostel, and maybe it means we will get our room sooner.  After all this travel, lack of sleep, and 12 hours of time change we are going to be dead tired.

By the way, once in Bangkok we are staying 4 nights at the Green House Hostel:

Its in the heart of the major tourist area, but a short walk off of the particularly crazy Khaosan Road.

  • Doug /  Jan 3, 2017  @ 1030 / Pearson Airport Terminal 1, Gate E72






5 thoughts on “So about that fog…

  1. Unless things have changed, I thought Canadians were eligible for a transit visa on-arrival in Cairo? Heading into the city for a bit might make the layover more bearable! In any event, sorry to hear about the flight snafu 😦 Soi Rambuttri is a great corner of Bangkok, have a blast!!


  2. You’re probably (hopefully!) on the plane already, but depending on the time of day 16 hours should be enough to check out the pyramids and/or khan al khalili (souk)…mind you I was there 10 years ago so I’m not sure of the current situation with visas, etc 🙂


  3. And I thought my layover in LAX was bad! You guys have me beat (unfortunately for you). Hope it all works out in the end – more time to write.


  4. I guess this is sortof fitting news for a “flying by the seat of your pants” kindof trip.

    I know it’s tempting to put on your serious pants, but don’t do it. DON’T.

    Also, I asked bren what he thought of the fog messing up your plans and he said: “BIGGG FOG”.


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